Use the spinner to select your bet size – £0.50, £1.00, £2.00, or £5.00 – then click Start. You’re presented with three numbers between 1 and 13. Each number has a Hi button above it and Lo button underneath. You’re task is to place a bet on whether the next spin of the wheel will yield a higher or lower number. Each button shows the payout associated with the bet. The bigger the risk you take, the bigger the payout. Just click on the appropriate button and spin the wheel. If you guess right, you win, and can repeat the process with the new set of numbers. The more wins in a row, the higher the payouts. Don’t like the numbers? Just hit the shuffle button to get three new numbers. But be careful, you start each game with only three free shuffles, indicated by the yellow bars above the shuffle button. Every time you make a correct, winning guess, the next bar starts to light up – 3 correct guesses gets you another shuffle. Bank your accumulated winnings at any time by clicking the Collect button.