Use the spinner to place your bet in multiples of £ .25, up to £ 1.25, then click Deal. Indicate which of the five cards, if any, to hold, then click Deal again. Replacement cards are drawn. Jokers are wild and can count as a card of any suit or value to make straights, flushes, and sets. Each time you win, you’re offered an additional chance to multiply your winnings by hitting “gamble”. This brings up a side game, that lets you double your winnings by betting on the colour of the next card to be turned up from the deck or quadruple your winnings by betting on the suit. Access to controls to suppress the “gamble” option, auto hold cards that make winning hands, toggle the sound off and on, auto adjust your bet, look at a paytable calculated for the size of your bet, or review your game history, can be accessed by clicking the menu button.