But that’s not all. Here’s the best of v2.0 in a nutshell:

Leagues Tables
We believe real football fans stand by their team, always. Therefore, we created instant views for leagues like Primera Division, Premier League, Champions League or any of the 12 major European Football Leagues. Add league tables to the Dashboard for a quick look at the latest results & upcoming matches.

The calendar view (our favourite) to see what games are on today, this week, this month. Filtering on your favourite teams makes it even easier to follow the livescores.

That’s right. You can now hit the special ‘Live Now’-button and follow all the live matches available, instantly. When the ball hits the net, we’ll even tell you who gave the assist! And -euh- we did the test. PS: this app is fast, even faster than most of the other soon-to-be-forgotten livescore apps out there. Seeing is believing.

An efficient Search on Teams, Leagues and Players has been integrated. Find your favourite football stars within seconds! Spot that topscorer within seconds!

More data than any other livescore app
Player profiles have been seriously upgraded with tons of stats of the current season. You can look-up all national and international results of your favourite players. If it ain’t in here, that means it’s not available on the market (or not at a reasonable price.