You may not immediately think of this as a slot in the same way you’d recognize other slots online, but this game plays much more like a combination of both slot and bingo, with its quick and easy style making it perfect for mobile play. As soon as you launch the game you’ll be greeted by plenty of colour, with 8 cards set to one side. These are the cards you’ll be looking to tick your numbers from when the balls start bouncing! Your aim here is to set your stake then hit the big play button and watch as the bingo balls bounce about, with 6 lining up in front of you, and it’s from those 6 that you’ll be looking to match 2 to win. Ticks will appear on the cards and you’ll win that card’s prize if you match two of the numbers shown. It’s as easy as that!

So if you’re feeling like a quick game of bingo, try the Bingo Bonanza mobile slot for some fast relief!