This mobile-friendly version of Roulette opens in landscape view on your mobile device and presents you with the familiar Roulette wheel at the top, along with your chip denominations, and the number grid at the bottom. It’s the classic Roulette layout, with your numbers from 1 to 36, and a single zero (European Roulette), plus the typical 1-18, 19-36, red, black, odd, even, dozens and columns. To bet, tap on the board first to zoom in, then select your chip amount (minimum bet £1) and tap on the number or bet type on the board. When you’re ready to get the ball rolling just tap Spin and that little white ball will bounce and rattle around the wheel, (hopefully!) coming to rest on your lucky number!

After your first bet, you’ll have the handy option of repeating your bet, or doubling it. The history bar at the left side allows you to track past numbers and colors so you can keep an eye on the hots and colds!

Roulette is the perfect little game to kill some time when you’re out and about. It launches quickly and is effortless to play thanks to its touch optimized design, with realistic sounds that will have you forgetting you’re not actually in a casino!