Unibet Mobile Betting

With the revolution of online betting and mobile betting, going out to the betting shop to wager your bets seems like ancient history. The Unibet Sports betting app is packed with features aimed at delivering the best gaming experience. With the birth of Live in-play betting, mobile betting has been pushed to new frontiers, with punters demanding that betting apps are lightning fast to keep up with the action of the game. We’re delighted to bring to our players, a sports betting app that excels in speed, performance and functionality. Regardless of whether it’s Android, iOs or a Windows phone, there’s a Unibet Sports Betting app for all customers.

Using the Unibet app is quick and simple. You can access your full betting profile by the tap of your screen and get betting on the sports you love. What’s more, mobile betting is continually evolving and now you can get the latest odds and scores notifications sent direct to your device. This means you can take your eye of the screen, go about as normal and get a heads up from your phone when the scores have changed, or your bets come in!

Sports Betting on Mobile


Unibet’s Sports Betting app covers all your favourite sports, from football, rugby, golf, tennis, horse racing and the Olympics. Never miss a bet and enjoy the best odds, live score updates, live streaming on over 30,000 events and real-time in-play betting direct to your mobile or tablet. Unibet is quick and easy to use so you can keep updated and bet in-play with all your live streamed major football leagues or any other live sporting event such as the FA Cup, all the golf Majors up to the Ryder Cup, tennis Grand Slams, horse racing fixtures and the Olympics. Of course, football betting on mobile is one of the most popular activities within the Unibet community and our odds cover leagues and tournaments from all over the world. You can wake up and bet on Japan’s J League, have breakfast live streaming Australia’s A League, check in on the Chinese Super League and lunch time, be home for Bundesliga, La Liga and Premier League action, and check out an MLS game before heading to bed!

Unibet Sports also features a wide range of more niche leagues, so you can keep on top of all the action from the worlds of table tennis, WWE, skiing, greyhound racing and more. We supply updated results, live scores, form guides and statistics from sporting leagues across the planet. It means you can get the latest Six Nations rugby results, updated F1 qualifying standings and even horse racing form guides all within the same app.

You can also quickly search for your favourite sports, leagues, and teams using the search functionality in the app.

There are countless reasons why sports betting on mobile supersedes betting on a computer and the most obvious is the flexibility and freedom the app brings. You can bet on all your favourite sports, football leagues and horse racing with just a couple of taps. And if you’re looking for sports betting promotions, don’t fret! All the bonuses and promotions offered will be available on the mobile app. Another handy function of the sports betting app is the sports-specific notifications it delivers. You’ll get all sorts of useful notifications relating to the biggest sporting events and their starting times, so you’ll always stay in control of your game.

Live Betting on Mobile

The best part of betting on mobile has to be live betting. The feeling of frustration is immense when one of your bets from your accumulator is an early loser but with live betting, you can easily bet against it, cutting your losses and even increasing your potential winnings. Nothing gives you a better perspective of a particular sporting event than watching it being played live.
Live Betting creates the opportunity to access additional bets as it comes with a variety of betting options, some of which can never be possible in pre-match betting. For example, in football, you can bet on which team/player will score next, something that is unique to live betting. Live betting also creates the opportunity for smart hedging. In-play betting provides opportunities to place hedge bets and lock additional profits. For instance, if Liverpool are winning two nil against Chelsea by half time, you could place a small bet on the Blues to make some sort of comeback in the second half, which will be at higher odds, giving you an opportunity to win both ways.

This opportunity to effectively bet against yourself has proved hugely popular among sports betting fans because it acts as a type of insurance, should your initial pick go wrong. Football is a great sport for live betting because a single goal can totally flip the odds. But other sports that offer some of the best live betting markets include ‘high scoring’ games like cricket and tennis. Here, live odds fluctuate more gradually than sports like hockey or football, because there are lots of scoring moments in a match. If you love the adrenaline of live sport betting then football is perfect for you, while a more relaxed experience can be enjoyed when, for example, betting on NFL or baseball.

Another reason why in-play betting is growing rapidly is that it allows the adrenaline to keep flowing throughout a game. Traditionally, pre-match betting on a game or match involves picking a certain outcome. A limitation of pre-match betting is that you have to wait until the end of the match to cash-in on your winnings. But with live betting, stakes are settled much quicker, so any returns can be wagered on the same event.

What’s more, live betting is a great way to turn over free bets and convert them into cash. Unibet provide various free bet offers for mobile betting fans throughout the year, on some of the biggest sporting events on the planet. You might, for example, trigger a French Open free bet when placing a wager on a player to win the title. Free bets usually pay out your winnings only, so they’re a great opportunity to place a big-odds bet on sport without risking the stake.

Features of the Unibet Sports Betting App

  • Receive notifications on your bets
  • Select your favourite sports and teams for even quicker navigation
  • Bet on eSports
  • Pre-event and live in-play betting on your favourite football, rugby, tennis and golf matches, plus many more events.
  • Use the app’s enhanced search functionality to quickly find your favourite team, sport, or league
  • 24/7 betting on worldwide sports with the best odds
  • Football live score and card updates and news on your favourite teams
  • Over 30,000 live streamed events per year
  • Single and combination betting
  • Detailed bet history
  • Secure deposit and withdrawal options
  • Account management options
  • Easy to navigate, personal experience

In comparison to the Android version, the iOS app has 3 unique and useful features:

  1. Touch iD login
  2. Switch between our Sports and Casino apps with a touch of a button
  3. The app can be installed on the apple watch



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