All data will be stored and no money will be lost. If you still needed to take an action (decide whether to hit, stand or split in blackjack for instance) the game will reopen ready for you to make your decision when you get your connection back.

If you didn’t need to take an action (for instance if you’d already spun the roulette wheel) then the game will have continued in the background. Your bet will still be deducted and your winnings automatically added to your account.

If you lose your connection while playing mobile poker, the software will attempt to re-connect you. If this doesn’t happen promptly, close down the poker software and log in again immediately. The software will automatically open up your active tables.

If you lose your connection after you’ve placed a bet you have 30 seconds to reconnect. Otherwise the following happens.

  • If you can check, your hand is automatically checked.
  • In cash games: If you cannot check but you have all-in’s available, your hand is considered all-in. If you do not qualify to be all-in, your hand automatically folds.
  • In tournaments: If you don’t qualify to check your hand, you will automatically fold.


Players that are disconnected and fail to return to the tournament are blinded-off.
If there’s an issue on the gaming server that prevents the completion of a game, the current hand is cancelled and your balance goes back to what it was at the start of the hand.

Once reconnected you can go to ‘PlayCheck’ to find out what happened during the hand that was interrupted.

Ideally you should play with a good broadband connection or good mobile data.

In Blackjack you’ll automatically stand when it’s your turn to make a move. If the dealer goes bust or has a lower value than your original 2 cards, you’ll still win the game.

In Roulette your bet won’t be accepted and no money will leave your account. A good broadband internet connection is really important for all live games. To get the best possible connection avoid streaming content while you play.

Yes. Simply follow this link and you will be directed to the Unibet Bingo Lobby page.

Your game will still continue as normal even though you can’t see it. Your winnings will be automatically added to your account.

You can download all the Unibet Mobile Apps from here. The following is a simple explanation on how to install them, as Google Play doesn’t stock real money gambling apps.

To install the apps you need to allow ‘Unknown sources’ on your device.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Choose ‘Security’ (or ‘Apps’ for some devices)
  3. Tick the ‘Unknown sources’ box

Once you’ve downloaded the apps, if you want you can disallow ‘Unknown sources’ in your security settings.

It just means that you can install apps that didn’t come from Google Play. This is standard procedure and the only way that you can download our real money gaming app.

Download the mobile casino app