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Here at Unibet, we’ve revolutionized the game of online poker through a state of the art poker app available to download now from here. The Unibet poker app is loaded with a plethora of features and functionalities that contribute to delivering the best online poker experience possible. We believe in having the best, which is why we have focused our efforts into making the app perfectly optimized for any mobile device, whether it’s a an Android phone, iPhone or tablet.

All the features of the desktop version are all included in the poker app, including the full range of stakes for cash games, SNGs and tournaments. You also have the option of creating five unique profiles and changing your identity up to three times per day with over 100 avatars to choose from. We’ll now take a closer look at the features and advantages the Unibet Poker app brings to online poker players and ways to use the app to its full potential.

Advantages of Playing Online Poker on Mobile

Gone are the days where you’d have to wait for the next tournament break to get a glass of water or take a breather of your own. Playing online poker on mobile gives you the flexibility and freedom to play from anywhere, whether you’re re-raising while preparing dinner or going all-in while commuting, you’re always in control and only a few taps away from potentially winning a pot.

Want to cash out on a big win? Withdrawing and depositing funds has never been easier with a mobile cashier’s desk. The best part of your bankroll lies in the flexibility it has through all Unibet products. Your bankroll is not restricted to the poker app and can be enjoyed on all other online casino games and sports betting. And it’s very easy to switch. If you, for example, win a 5 Seat Sit & Go game and walk away with £80, then the next time you head to the sportsbook your account will be credited with the money. You don’t have to process any transfers — the cash you win is yours to bet on or withdraw. What’s more, this means you can open other apps, such as Unibet Sports or Unibet Casino, and find your balance there waiting to be used.

When downloading the Unibet Poker app, you will have access to all the poker promotions and bonuses available on the desktop version, which include a £10 cash game ticket, £200 play through bonus and a €2 Unibet Open ticket. You will also receive four tickets to four £500 Welcome Freerolls!

Advantages of downloading the Unibet Poker App

By downloading the Unibet Poker App, you’ll have access to all the cash games, tournaments and sit n go’s you can dream of, with stakes to suit any budget. Practise the game by enrolling in one of our many freeroll poker tournaments before stepping up to the big tables. Freeroll poker tournaments don’t require you to use chips or real money. They are there to help you improve your technique and brush up on the rules of poker. Indeed, if you’re new to online poker then this is the perfect environment to develop your skills and understand the intricacies of betting, raising and folding. After all, the best poker players know both when to bet it all, and when to back away.

Joining the action has never been quicker with our poker lobby, giving rapid access to the tables by the app’s easy navigation. All you have to do is tap download on your device, and either enter your Unibet profile details, or sign up to an account today. You’ll then be able to enter the poker lobby, where scores of live tables are just waiting to be joined in an instant. Most players head to the Play & Go tables when starting out, because here the buy-ins are small and you compete with chips. But as you progress, many players love the thrill of real-money tables that are available to play on 24 hours a day. Be sure to stay abreast of all the latest news, as promotions are regularly updated, while there are as missions that can reward you with items from the bonus shop.

As explained above, you’ll be allowed to create up to five completely different profiles and change your alias up to three times daily, with 100 avatars to choose from. Some players might use certain online poker software that displays the player history and changing your alias will mask your true identity, allowing you play your online poker peacefully. On the other hand, you are also able to study opponents, what hand ranges they play, how much they bet, whether they tend to bluff and other important factors of the game that can be written down on a notepad looking icon, next to the opponent’s name.

Tired of playing in the same old room? Choose from a wide variety of backgrounds to play your game; from the perfect beach setting to cluttered garages and everything in between. After all, you’re in control when you play the Unibet Poker app and if you want to transport your table to a destination somewhere else in the world, then why not do it!

Multi Table Play

Players can play multi-table online poker from any mobile device and can play up in four tables simultaneously. You’re able to play cash games, sit n go’s and tournaments all from one mobile device but it’s better to pace yourself. It’s always good to know that you’re not restricted by the poker app’s limitations, and as you develop your poker skills you’ll be the best judge of how many tables to play at once. Being able to play multiple tables means you can switch between games and always be looking to win a big hand. Many of the world’s elite chess players actually do the same thing, playing multiple games at once to improve their brain capacity. Poker requires a lot of concentration and multi table play is perfect for players who are ready to take their gaming to the next level.

Unibet Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments are hard to win, but extremely satisfying when you are in on the money. Learn the ropes of online poker tournaments by joining one of our daily freeroll events, without risking a penny. Freerolls are a great opportunity to learn how strategies differ between poker tournaments and cash games and once you’re comfortable with your abilities, you can move to more interesting competitions with higher prizes, as well as our iconic Unibet Open Satellite Tournaments. Quality for the yearly Unibet Open Live Tournament which takes place in a different European city each year from as little as €2, all from your mobile device, regardless of where you are!

What’s more, keep an eye out for the latest Unibet Poker Online Series events. This is the ultimate test of your nerve and there is a guaranteed €1,000,000 in prizes available across 132 events. The Unibet Online series regularly offers players a different avenue to qualify for the Unibet Open. Collect leaderboard points when you play with other poker players and move up the ladder to collect bigger rewards.


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